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Cayman Islands scuba diving charter is pleased to offer the following listings for dive centers and dive charter boats.  If you are going on vacation or just looking to dive somewhere different than your local waters, please take a look through our listings.  We have put this resource site together to help plan a trip or vacation to the Caribbean, Florida, the Bahamas, and beyond.  As we continue to grow, we will be adding dive shops and local hotels that cater to divers.  We are also going to add more than just the United States and Caribbean information.  Eventually it will be worldwide.  Our goal is to have divers come here when they are going to Scuba Dive the World.  We hope this scuba diving directory will be useful to you.  Please send us your comments and recommendations.




We are going to dive with the Lemon Sharks on January 11th. Should be a great trip. The trip is out of a dive shop in south Florida. I will report back after we return. I hope to dive with the Hammerheads next summer. We shall see.


Cayman Islands Diving Charters




Captain Crosby's Watersports
Coconut Place
PO Box 30084 SMB
Phone: 1-345-947-4049
Fax: 1-345-947-5994


Captain Don's
Cayman Diver, Ltd
PO Box 30067 SMB
Phone: 1-345-946-4386
Cellular: 1-345-916-0750
Fax: 1-345-945-3907


Dive 'N Stuff
West Bay Road
PO Box 30609 SMB
Phone: 1-345-94-SCUBA
Cellular: 1-345-916-2490
Fax: 1-345-945-9207

Divers DownCayman Islands scuba diving vacation
Coconut Place
PO Box 1706 GT
Cellular: 1-345-916-3751
Phone/Fax: 1-345-945-1611


Don Foster's Dive
Cayman Ltd
Watler Building, GT
PO Box 31486, SMB
US/Canada: 1-800-83-DIVER
Phone: 1-345-945-5132
Fax: 1-345-945-5133


Red Baron Sail Charters
Post Office Box 673 GT
phone/fax: 1-345-945-4744
cellular: 1-345-916-4333


Red Sail Sports
Hyatt, Westin, Marriott, Rum Point
PO Box 31473 SMB
US: 1-877-RED SAIL
Local: 1-345-945-5965
Fax: 1-345-945-5808


Abanks Watersports
South Church Street
PO Box 31206 SMB
Phone: 1-345-945-1444
Fax: 1-345-945-1872

Ambassador Divers
South Church Street
PO Box 2396 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-8839

Morgan's Harbor
PO Box 30147 SMB
Fax: 1-345-945-1991

Captain Marvin's Aquatics
Coconut Place
PO Box 413 West Bay
Phone: 1-345-947-4590
Fax: 1-345-947-5673

Cayman Dive College
North Church Street GT
Box 30780 SMB
Phone/Fax: 1-345-949-4125

Cayman Diving School
Coconut Plaza
P.O. Box 1308 GT
Phone/Fax: 1-345-949-4729

Cayman Marine Lab
PO Box 30548 SMB
Phone/Fax: 1-345-945-5586

Clint Ebanks Scuba Cayman
PO Box 746 GT
Phone: 1-345-947-4049
Fax: 1-345-949-6244

Dive In
at the Sleep Inn
PO Box 1882 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-4456
Fax: 1-345-949-8729

Dive Tech
North West Point
PO Box 31435 SMB
Phone: 1-345-949-1700
Fax: 1-345-949-1701

Eden Rock Diving Center
South Church Street
PO Box 1907 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-0842
Fax: 1-345-949-0842

Indies Divers
Indies Suites
PO Box 2070 GT
Phone: 1-345-947-5025
Fax: 1-345-947-5024

Neptune's Realm Divers
North Church Street
PO Box 30520 SMB
Phone: 1-345-949-6444

Off the Wall Divers
South Sound
PO Box 30176 SMB
Cellular: 1-345-916-0303
Phone/Fax: 1-345-947-7790

Ollen Miller's Sun Divers
Spotts Bay
PO Box 30181 SMB
Phone: 1-345-947-6606
Fax: 1-345-947-6607

Parrots Landing Watersports
South Church Street
PO Box 1995 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-7884
Fax: 1-345-949-0294

Peter Milburn's Dive Cayman
PO Box 596 GT
Phone: 1-345-947-4341
Fax: 1-345-947-5786

Quabbin Dives
Bush Center, North Church Street
PO Box 2486 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-5597
Fax: 1-345-949-4781

Quabo Dives
Coconut Place
PO Box 157 GT
Phone: 1-345-945-4769
Fax: 1-345-945-4978

Rivers Sport Divers
Cayman Falls
PO Box 374 WB
Phone: 1-345-949-1181
Fax: 1-345-949-1296

West Bay
PO Box 431 WB
Phone: 1-345-949-3965
Fax: 1-345-947-4230

Seaview Dive Center
South Church Street
PO Box 31900 SMB
Phone: 1-345-945-0577
Fax: 1-345-945-0577

Soto's Cruises
Snug Harbor
PO Box 30192 SMB
Phone: 1-345-947-4576
Fax: 1-345-945-1527

Sunset House
South Church Street
PO Box 479 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-7111
Fax: 1-345-949-7101

Treasure Island Divers
PO Box 30975 SMB
Phone: 1-345-949-4456
Fax: 1-345-949-7125


Ocean Frontiers
Austin Connolly Drive
PO Box 200 EE
East End
US: 1-888-232-0541
Phone: 1-345-947-7500

Cayman Diving LodgeCayman Islands scuba dive boat
East End
PO Box 11 EE
US: 1-800-TLC-DIVE
Phone: 1-345-947-7555
Fax: 1-345-947-7560

Tortuga Divers Ltd
Morritt's Tortuga Club
PO Box 496 EE
Phone: 1-345-947-7449
Fax: 1-345-947-9486


Blue Water Divers Ltd
Blossom Village, Little Cayman
PO Box 35 LC
Phone: 1-345-948-0095
Fax: 1-345-948-0095

Paradise Divers
Village Square, Little Cayman
PO Box 26 LC
Phone: 1-345-948-0004

Peter Hughes Dive & Photo
Divi Tiara Beach Resort, Cayman Brac
PO Box 238 STB
Phone: 1-345-948-1553
Fax: 1-345-948-1316

Pirates Point Resort
Little Cayman
Phone: 1-345-948-1010
Fax: 1-345-948-1011

Reef Divers - Cayman Brac
Brac Reef Beach Resort
PO Box 56
Phone: 1-345-948-1323
Fax: 1-345-948-1207

Reef Divers - Little Cayman
Little Cayman Beach Resort
Phone: 1-345-948-1033
Fax: 1-345-948-1040

Sam McCoy's Fishing & Diving Lodge
North Side, Little Cayman
Phone/Fax: 1-345-948-0026

Southern Cross Club
Fish and Diving Resort
South Side, Little Cayman
Phone: 1-345-948-1099

Village Scuba School
Brac Caribbean Beach Resort
PO Box 206 Stake Bay
Cayman Brac
Phone/Fax: 1-345-948-1509

LIVEABOARDSCayman Islands scuba dive trip

Cayman Aggressor III
George Town, Grand Cayman
PO Box 1882 GT
Phone: 1-345-949-5551
Fax: 1-504-384-0817



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